Welcome to the BGB Con Primer! This guide should help answer any of the questions you might have. If we didn’t cover something, send us a message and we’ll get back to you.


Where/when is BGB Con?

BGB Con is Sunday, April 7th in Pauley Ballroom at the MLK Building on campus. The event runs from 10am-7pm. for more info check our directions page here.


What should I bring?

Water, credit cards, and not much else. If you purchased a badge digitally please bring your confirmation email and a student ID if you bought a student badge. The only thing you can’t bring inside is food!


What’s the first thing I should do?

Go to the front desks and either buy a badge (with a credit card) or exchange your online purchase badge with a physical one


What can I do there?

Have fun! There’s plenty of activities to participate in. MTG Drafts, game design tournaments, and more. You can also visit our vendors and club partners or simply play games in the game library. For a full listing of events check here.


How do I get into events?

At our front desk area, the white table has a list of events. Please sign up and, if necessary, pay for it. For a full listing of events check here.


What games can I play?

A lot! Beyond our card games and RPG games, we have a fully stocked game library. For a complete listing check here.


Did I hear about free things?

Nice ears. we have a variety of giveaway items for our early guests. Additionally, you will acquire a free raffle ticket with your badge. at the end of the day, we’ll be raffling things out!


Am I trapped?!

No! You can leave and return at any time. Jut keep your wristband handy.


Where is everything?

Here’s a map of the main hall. Stephans Lounge is right across from the game library out the doors.

RPG games are in Bayview which is in the Eshelman building. Proceed to the third floor and turn left twice to get there.

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