BGB Con is Berkeley’s first dedicated board game convention. The event is organized by students and with the support of local gaming groups and businesses. BGB Con will occur April 7th from 10 AM to 7 PM in Pauley Ballroom on the UC Berkely campus. Here’s some of what we have in store.

Play games at our huge board game library, stocked with hundreds of the latest and greatest hits. Gaming gurus will be on hand to teach rules to newcomers. Or maybe instead you’ll join a game at our RPG, miniature or trading card games areas? Not an analog gamer? Never fear, we have hearty video game and VR sections as well. There’s something for everyone!

When you’re done playing there’s always room to shop. Local businesses, artists and game publishers will all be on hand to dole out some gaming goodness. If you’re interested in learning more about game design, join our workshops and design contests. Furthermore, a rotating cast of designer and industry guests will be speaking about their experience and knowledge. Finally, a range of game tournaments, card drafts, trivia contests, and other events are scheduled throughout the day.

We’re incredibly excited by this day of gaming. Whether you’re a board game geek, a Monopoly masochist, or someone who’s never played with cardboard, you’re all welcome!

See you in April!

Kael Barend
Director of BGB Con



What is BGB Con?
-UC Berkeley’s first board game convention!

How much will it cost?
-$10 for Cal Students, $15 for everyone else. To put that into consideration most cons are more than double that price. If you’re quick we do have a limited number of early bird tickets as well.

Can I eat inside?

-We’d ask that you please eat outside of the main hall and game library. This is a campus policy decision.

Can I bring my own games?
-Yes, please do. Just remember that we can’t be responsible for looking after them.

I don’t know many games… is that a problem?
-Nope! We’ll have a range of games of all different complexity levels. In addition, we’ll have several volunteers teaching games.

Do I need to bring friends to play with?
-Not necessarily. We’ll do our best to create gaming groups, and “looking for players” signs will be available.

I’ve never been to a convention before what do I do?
-Our team will be on hand during the event to help with any questions or give directions.

I get anxiety at large events.
-Please send us a message if you need any special assistance.

Is the event disability accessible?

Can my group or business be a part of the event?
-Yes! Take a look at our vendor’s tab on the site.

Can I be a vendor or sell my art?
-Yes! Same as above, there’s a form you can fill out.

I want to volunteer!
-Great, you get a free admission badge! Our signup form is under the volunteering tab.